What Does £5k Spent On Your Brand Strategy Get You?

Aug 24, 2021 | Brand Messaging

In this video I explain exactly what you get from investing in my 1:1 Brand Messaging Strategy, taking you through the stages and showing you exactly why it can be transformational for your business.

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What will £5,000 spent on your Brand Strategy get you?

What’s up Wave Makers, this is Becky Lloyd Pack here, your friendly neighbourhood Brand Message Strategist and in this video we’re going to be answering that exact question in context of working with me.

If you’re new to the Story by Design show, welcome, and if we’ve met before then welcome back and thanks for hanging out with me here in my space. If you haven’t yet do be sure to subscribe so you can keep up to date with your Brand Building education and not only soak up the information I share, but also maybe take inspiration from the way I do things so you can build a business you love on your terms as well.

So, 1:1 Brand Message Strategy work – what does it cost and what do you get with the investment? Now, pricing is such a common topic of conversation and whilst I’ve already released a video about my own pricing journey which I’ll link to below – today I want to dive in exactly what you get when you invest in working with me one to one on your Brand Message Strategy.

I’m big on empowering you guys to make informed decisions and I know how important it is to know the specifics of what you’re actually paying for and how our work together will be structured. So you know what to expect when you’re getting on a clarity call to discuss if it’s the right fit for you.

Firstly, a few disclaimers, I’m filming this video in August 2021 and this price is obviously subject to change as I find new ways to serve my clients , change the structure of my packages and as the landscape of the online business world continues to change. But £5,000 for 1:1 Brand Message Strategy is what my price is *right* now in the middle of 2021.

Now that price might seem really high to you if you’ve never worked with a Brand Strategist before or are used to working with specific service providers for stand-alone pieces of creative work. Or, this price actually might seem really really low to you if you’re used to the world of agencies and working with larger teams. But for this level of pricing, the clients I typically work with are already around the 6-figure mark in their business ,or are well on their way to doing so. Occasionally, I will also work with someone who is either at the earlier point in their entrepreneurial journey or currently going through a pivot, but have a very clear idea of the business they want to build, the audience they want to serve and don’t want to waste any time or effort flapping about, they just want to get on with making their big vision a reality and know that they need a communication expert to help them take what’s in their head and transform it into powerful external messaging.

This level of business is typically where working with me 1:1 makes the most sense and has the highest return on both impact and investment, the reason being that loosely when we start to hit those big financial markers – our brand tends to be at a point where it’s about more than just putting food on the table. The Brand becomes bigger than a single individual and really the potential for creating impact in the world is more readily accessible. The culmination of our work together will be your Brand Playbook, this is a high-leverage comprehensive guide that spells out exactly what your Brand represents from the ground up. It’s bigger than a single piece of copy or strategy and is pretty much the North Star for your Brand that will inform every single piece of communication you put out and serve as a constant reminder of your core intentions so you can always stay “on brand” and in alignment. If we’re being really honest, it’s the ultimate tool for managing your Business reputation online and staying true to yourself… which is a bit of a non-negotiable nowadays.


To create your Brand Playbook, my style very much follows a coaching approach, where I ask you a bunch of questions with a very intentional end result in mind. The reason this works is that the people I work with have 9 times out of 10 have built up their business based on their own innate gifts or expertise and so all of the answers can typically be found within the individual or individuals behind the Brand. Whilst I do go away and conduct research, this is mainly around your Brand Presence as it exists currently and how we can apply timeless principles to really elevate what you do. So if you’re watching this and hoping you’ll get some fancy report with impressive-sounding statistics and some elaborate graphs… you’re just not going to get it here. The ultimate reason being that the Brands I work with are built around individuals and their unique personalities and purpose and for their work to truly resonate, it absolutely has to be authentic and come from within. And that’s not to say there’s anything wrong or better or worse with businesses that are built around specific solutions or products – they’re just not the type of Brands I’m here to serve. 


Once I’ve extracted the information from those who represent the Brand I’m working with, I head off and work my Messaging magic to create your Brand Playbook. This follows my signature methodology and covers the four main areas of your Brand Message and Strategy.

  • Your Brand Beliefs a.k.a your Purpose, Vision and Mission statements and your Brand Values.
  • The Brand World which includes detailed information about your Audience, and Positioning and Differentiation
  • Key Brand Stories including your Core Story, Micro Stories and Narrative Frames
  • And lastly but most certainly not least – your Brand Presence which encapsulates your Brand Personality, Tone of Voice and Energetic Signature to name a few.

Now just to say, this work is far from fluffy or an exercise in creating some nice sounding bits of text that make you feel good. In a world where your Message and your Brand has the potential to notably influence the lives of others, I strongly believe that getting intentional about what you’re putting out into the world should be a non-negotiable for every single Brand with a significant audience size. After all, whether we signed up for it or not, modern-day Brands wield the power to affect meaningful change within culture, societies and the world at large on a scale we’ve never seen before – all from a device that fits into the palm of our hand! And as more and more businesses built out of passion or individual pursuits succeed and thrive, so many of us are unintentionally stumbling into this role of influence and responsibility without really realising the power we hold.

The work with do is not only so you can be more conscious of the narratives you’re contributing to in the online space but also to help protect yourself as the Brand Owner. The online space can be a shady place and in my opinion it’s high time that we stopped hiding in the shadows of naivety and really stepped into the light to see what change we can really make.


So that this work doesn’t just become a pretty report that gets circulated and then forgotten, we also create your Implementation Roadmap which spells out exactly how this work is going to shape your Business and Brand both internally and externally. On top of this, I will also provide you with Legacy Content Recommendations – which are suggestions for timeless pieces of content your Brand can create to become truly established in the fast-paced online world .And after working with over 60 Brands on their Messaging I know that our work is not finished when the Brand Playbook is completed. In fact, it’s often only the beginning! This is why included in my 1:1 Creative Consultancy and Brand Strategy service are 3 sessions which take place after 1-month, 3-months and 6-months so I can help you assess what’s working, what’s feeling clunky and identify any new opportunities for establishing your Brand online.


Where I DO differ from some other service providers is that I offer optional time-frames for our work together, depending on what works best for you as a Brand and a business. The reason for this is that although the time involved certainly does factor into the cost of investment, my experience has shown me that trying to shoehorn everyone into the same timeframe just isn’t effective. Some people are quick-thinkers and hold all the decision making power in their own hands and want to get through the creative consultation in a day. Others need more time to sit with the work or potentially confer with other Brand stakeholders and so dividing this work across either two or four sessions makes way more sense.

I’d be lying if I said that the experiences did not differ across the different time-frames on offer, however honestly, neither is worse or better than any other. The only time an experience is lessened is when we’re trying to do it in a timeframe that doesn’t make sense for you as a business. The results are always the same however, and so this is what I base my pricing on.

So if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to elevate your Brand and really harness your potential for creating change in the world, then definitely reach out. I would love to jump on a call with you where we’ll examine where you are currently in your business, how you can make improvements to your brand and if you’re open to it and it’s a good mutual fit, how we can potentially work together in the future. You can apply for a clarity call by heading to the link below and if you do have any questions the best thing to do is still just apply for a call. It’s a no pressure sales situation and it’s really just about exploring whether this service is right for you. That’s all for today, I hope it’s been helpful and until the next video drops, keep making waves.



It’s time to get strategic about your biggest business asset – your BRAND

My 1:1 Creative Consultancy is an immersive experience designed to develop your unique Message, shape your Brand Culture and get intentional with what you want to be known for. Together, we’ll create your Brand Playbook, laying the groundwork that will serve you for years to come and will impact the way you run every single aspect of your business, both internally and externally.

It’s serious stuff for serious brand owners.


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