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NEXT SESSION: Wednesday 20th Jan @ 10am


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Dedicate time to working on your content creation

You know consistent content creation is vital to growing your business – right?

So why aren’t you doing anything about it?

Overwhelmed. Easily distracted. Uncreative. Writer’s block.

These are the excuses I hear all the time when I ask why individuals aren’t showing up and making more content.

But you need to be putting your message out there clearly and consistently if you’re hoping to build your online presence and get more leads and sales.

So let’s stop with the excuses, get together and make some content, ok?

Next Session Date + Time:

Wednesday 20th Jan

10am – 12pm


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The Details

At 10am we will meet online via Zoom for a virtual co-working session focused all around Content Creation.

Session includes:

  • Opening Inspiration Session* to get your creative juices flowing
  • 25-minute Work Sessions balanced with 5-minute breaks
  • Chat Room so you can ask me any questions you have
  • Q+A Session at the end


  • Suggested Workflow for first-timers including 30 content prompts so you have no excuse not to start creating and posting with purpose!

You’re also totally welcome to show up, hit the Mute button and follow your own working pattern if you just want to take advantage of the group accountability.

Whatever you need to do, to start making content is A-OK with me!

Content + Co-Working Session 

Wednesday 20th Jan

10am – 12pm



Out of stock


About Becky

Content and Storytelling is my jam.

Prior to setting up my own branding business in 2018, I worked in the film industry for 8 years on movies like Mission Impossible, Fantastic Beasts and The Avengers to name a few. You can trust me when I say I know the power of a good story.

My superpowers:

  • Taking messy action. I’m a reformed perfectionist and I love inspiring others to take that messy action too!
  • Keeping thing simple. Honestly, building a business doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. I have a talent for making things clear and applicable.
  • Having fun! I truly believe that building a business should be ENJOYABLE. We might as well go and work for someone else otherwise, right?

Truth talk: it’s time to start showing up.

For the first year and a half of my business, I was only getting clients through word-of-mouth and in-person networking events. I secretly harboured doubts about whether I’d ever be able to get customers/clients purely online…

But then I did.

“What changed?” you might ask… I started showing up online consistently, authentically and intentionally. Now, 99% all of my new clients come through Instagram alone.

If you put in the work, I promise you amazing things can happen.

So what’s stopping you?

Why are you still reading this?

Buy a ticket below and make a commitment to yourself that enough is enough. It’s time to start taking your content seriously to grow your business.



Out of stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this only be for Instagram content?

You are welcome to work on whatever content you desire! No rules here, just energy and lots of action.

Is this for Product or Service based businesses?

This is for anyone who creates content with the intention of selling something (directly or indirectly!)

What's co-working?

According to our friend Google, the definition of coworking is when people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects. It gives you the shared accountability that we often miss when we are the only one working on our business!

What if I can't make the whole thing?

You are welcome to turn up for as much or as little of the session as you want. 30minutes spent working on your content is better than 0 minutes.