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Jul 21, 2021 | Brand Messaging

If you’ve ended up here, you’ve likely had a sneaky peek at my 1:1 Creative Consultancy service and are ultimately now asking the question “Is it really worth spending £5K to work on my Brand Strategy and Messaging?”

Whether it’s worth it or not is ultimately a question only you can answer for yourself, but I felt a responsibility to show you exactly why I’ve created this service and explain the price tag that’s placed upon it.

If you haven’t had a look yet and want some more context – take a look here but in a nutshell, my 1:1 Creative Brand Consultancy is  an immersive experience designed to develop your unique Message, shape your Brand Culture and get intentional with what you want to be known for


If you’re on my website in the first place, I’m assuming you already know that your Brand isn’t just a logo or set of colours.

But what you might not fully realise yet, is that your Brand is the biggest asset that you have in your business ESPECIALLY if you have dreams of creating change on a big scale.

(Spoiler alert: I LOVE working with those that dream big!)

Why you might ask? Because in simple terms…

Your Brand is the perception that other people have of you and your business.

Now this “perception” isn’t just the difference between whether someone likes you or not, it’s the difference between a scroller and a super-fan, a yes or a no.

Even bigger than this, it’s the difference between someone experiencing your product or service and going through the motions, versus them fully buying into your Brand and experiencing the full transformational power of what you offer.

I know this might sound like I’m overstating it – but if studies of the Placebo effect have shown that a placebo can be “50% as effective as the real drug to reduce pain after a migraine attack” purely from “the simple act of taking a pill” – it’s pretty clear to show that our perception of things is extremely powerful!

Heck – the fact that it’s normal to consider yourself either an “Apple” or “Android” person just shows how deeply we can become motivated by our perceptions of the world.

So when we work on your Brand together, it’s not just me pulling some pretty words together for you. We’re crafting the desired Perception of your Brand so you can become incredibly intentional about what you’re projecting into the world and the reputation you’re creating.

OK Becky, I get it. So, what does £5K get me?

The culmination of our work is in your Brand Playbook, a comprehensive guide that spells out exactly what your Brand represents from the ground up. This includes:

  • Brand Beliefs (Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values)
  • Brand World (Audience, Positioning and Differentiation)
  • Brand Stories (Core Story, Micro Stories and Narrative Frames)
  • Brand Presence (Brand Personality, Tone of Voice, Energetic Signature)

So that this work doesn’t just become a pretty report that gets circulated and then forgotten, we also create your Implementation Roadmap which spells out exactly how this work is going to shape your Business both internally and externally.

On top of this, I will also provide you with Legacy Content Recommendations – suggestions for timeless pieces of content your Brand can create to become truly established in the fast-paced online world.

Sounds pretty cool, what’s the process for creating this?

In essence, I ask you a bunch of questions to draw out the truth of what you’re hoping to create. I then go away and add my creative storytellers’ touch to bring what’s in your head to life.

Where I differ from some other service providers is that I offer optional time-frames for the interview sessions depending on what works best for you as a Brand and business. 

The reason for this is that although time involved certainly does factor into the cost of investment, my experience has shown me that trying to shoehorn everyone into the same timeframe just isn’t effective.

Some people are quick-thinkers and hold all the decision making power in their own hands and want to get through it in a day. Others need more time to sit with the work or potentially confer with other stakeholders.

The results are always the same however, and so this is what I base my pricing on.

How is the consultation/work structured?

My style very much follows a coaching methodology with a very intentional end result in mind. The reason this works is that the people I work with have 9 times out of 10 built up their business based on their own innate gifts or expertise and so all of the answers can be found within the individual(s) behind the Brand.

Whilst I do go away and conduct research, this is mainly around your Brand Presence as it exists currently. If you’re hoping for a fancy report with impressive-sounding statistics and some elaborate graphs… you’re not going to get it here.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with these types of reports – in fact, it’s pretty essential for Brands that are not specifically built around an individual skillset or understanding of the world but these are not the types of businesses I work with!)

Why are there optional timeframes and will I get a better/worse service if I do it quicker/slower?

I’d be lying if I said that the experiences did not differ across the different time-frames on offer, however honestly, neither is worse or better than any other. The only time an experience is lessened is when we’re trying to do it in a timeframe that doesn’t make sense for you as a business.

So, if timeframe doesn’t factor into it – why £5K?

The level of investment reflects just how seriously I take the work I do. 

In a world where your Message and your Brand has the potential to notably influence the lives of others, I strongly believe that getting intentional about this should be a non-negotiable for every Brand with a significant audience size.

After all, whether we signed up for it or not, modern-day Brands wield the power to affect meaningful change within culture, societies and the world at large on a scale we’ve never seen before – all from a device that fits into the palm of our hand! 🤯

And as more and more businesses built out of passion or individual pursuits succeed and thrive, so many of us are unintentionally stumbling into this role of influence and responsibility without really realising the power we hold.

It’s serious stuff and I am deadly serious about my own responsibility in helping you get intentional about this.

Beyond the time we spend together, I dedicate a significant portion of time developing and refining your messaging, considering every single word that goes into your Brand Playbook and the potential it holds to create either a positive or negative experience for someone and the ripple effect it might have across your Business.

You’re right – I don’t want to cheap out on my reputation or the change I want to create in the world! Will you help us integrate this as a Business?

I sure will. After working with over 60+ Brands on their Messaging I know that our work is not finished when the Brand Playbook is completed… in fact, it’s often only the beginning!

This is why included in my 1:1 Creative Consultancy and Brand Strategy service are 3 sessions which take place after 1-month, 3-months and 6-months so I can help you assess what’s working, what’s feeling clunky and identify any new opportunities for establishing your Brand online.

Becky, I’m in. How do we get the ball rolling?

Glad to hear it! You can complete an Enquiry Form here and I will be in touch with you shortly afterwards to arrange a time for a call to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

If you have any other questions, I recommend you complete the form anyway as it will make sure you get the right level of response 😘


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