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Aug 17, 2021 | Business Life

In this video I introduce myself and what I mean by Story-Led Brand Messaging. I know it’s not always the easiest to know exactly what it means and how it benefits you from knowing exactly what your Brand Message is, so I explained it all in (hopefully) a clear way!

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Prefer to read? Here’s the video transcription:

Hello! It’s so nice to meet you, my name is Becky Lloyd Pack, your friendly neighbourhood Story-Led Brand Message Strategist and I’m beyond excited to welcome you to the Story by Design show!

If we’ve not met before, then nice to virtually meet you and if we’re already acquainted then what’s up buddy.

I use my platform to connect with my fellow business and brand builders that are here to make waves in the online space and I love to talk about the Myths, Magic and Moments of realisation that inevitably come when we do so!

Alongside this, I love sharing with you all my expertise around all things Brand Message Strategy. 

This is my true zone of genius and to be honest, is something I think is overlooked way too much in the business space in favour of the more sexy aspects like, marketing strategy, or making a boatload of social media content.

But developing your Brand Message Strategy is such high leverage work and the impact of getting it right ripples out into every aspect of both your personal and your business development.

From the way you share information, the way you sell, the offers you create and to be honest the very way you see yourself – all of these things influence and are influenced by your Brand Message Strategy.

Just imagine for a moment how different it would be if you knew exactly how to introduce yourself in a way that grabs and holds the attention of the people who count. 

Imagine if you knew exactly how to communicate the full value of what you do, so you never felt like you had to lower your prices or play small when it came to creating offers and generating income. 

Just imagine how it might feel to be so full of clarity about who you are, exactly what you stand for and for that confidence to be palpable every time you showed up online.

How much easier would your life be? 
How much energy would you save by not having to second-guess yourself so much of the time? 

If we’re being honest, working on your Brand Message is a bit of an underrated game-changer… and we’re all about honesty in this corner of the internet.

I also operate from a story-first perspective and what’s super fun about this is that firstly, I actually get to bring my 8 years of experience working in the film industry, prior to setting up my own business, where I worked on films like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 1 & 2, Mission Impossible and The Avengers, and I get to bring this big-screen experience of storytelling at the highest level to women and brands in the online space that have such powerful messages to share. 

Secondly, the reason I operate from the place of story-first – is that it’s how our brains are wired to receive information. When we engage in the act of storytelling, we are able to connect on a much more meaningful level and actually create experiences for people that transcend the tangible thing that we’re sharing or offering, and instead resonate on a psychologically constructive level that feels good for you and good for them.

When you have a great Brand Message and Strategy to execute, in terms of ROI it’s not always so black and white, but you can expect to have a higher perceived value a.k.a you can charge what your products or services are actually worth and have those that it’s designed for understand why it’s priced that way and value what you do even moreso because of it.

Obviously, you have to put the time and energy in to get your Message out there (which by the way, is ultimately what Marketing is) but it’s about removing the guesswork of what to say when you have people’s attention.

Really, when we’re working on our Message, we’re playing in the realm of getting intentional about what we wanna project out into the world so that we can create an accurate perception of who we are and what we do in the minds of the people who matter.

I hope that you’ll subscribe, and stick around and get a tonne of value from the content that I share. Cos I’ll be talking about how you can develop your Brand Message Strategy, sharing behind the scenes of running a conscious and value-led business, and also putting the spotlight on some of the amazing women in my community who are already making waves in the online space.

Thanks for being here and if you want to check out how you can work with me, then the place to go is to my website services page which I’ll link below but in a nutshell, I run a group programme 3 times a year called Brand Message Bootcamp, which is an 8-week experience for women who have already had a few clients or customers but are really looking to get to that next level and start attracting a better “quality” client or customer so they feel less like they’ve left the 9-5 and just stepped into another stressful job which doesn’t offer holiday or sick pay…. So you can start feeling and getting paid like a legitimate business owner.

I also work with more established Brands that are either at, aiming for or have already exceeded the six-figure mark with my 1:1 Creative Brand Consultancy where we get strategic with upgrading your biggest business asset a.k.a Your Brand.

So go hit that thumbs up button to share some love and make sure you subscribe to get notified every time I release a new video.

Until next time, go make some waves.

Work with me.

All the ways you can work and collaborate with me on your Brand Strategy and online presence


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