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Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much does your 1:1 coaching cost?

Whilst I do have set pricing, it’s really important to me that the people I work with are the right fit so that you can get the results you deserve. Because of this, before we talk about the investment I prefer to hop on a call first to make sure you will benefit from what I offer.

But don’t worry! I’m not here to do the hard sell or to trick you into spending money on something you don’t need. I am all about permission-based, no pressure conversations. If I don’t think I’m the right person for you, I will gladly recommend others!

do you offer copywriting or 'done for you' services?

Alas, I could write some beautiful messaging and copy for you – but my experience has shown me it wouldn’t be as effective as it could be. Why? Because I’m not you.

The secret to attracting the right people is to unashamedly be yourself! And that includes doing the work to discover who that person is.

what's your availability like?

I take on a set number of clients per month depending on any other commitments that I have that month. The best way to find out my current availability is to drop me a message above or book in a call.

Will you teach me about how to use Instagram?

Not specifically. My focus is very much on the overall strategy for your messaging, not that actual ‘how-to’ tactics.

There are plenty of resources and courses out there about how to use Instagram and I will leave it to them to guide you!