Brand Message Audit: Lymphoma Out Loud

Aug 19, 2021 | Brand Messaging

Ever wondered what a Brand Message Audit looks like? Wonder no more!

A Brand Message Audit is where I look at your online presence from the viewpoint of a complete stranger and talk you through the impression that’s created, highlight any areas where I think there’s an opportunity to elevate your message, and more powerfully connect with those who check our your Brand.

In this video I’m looking at a fantastic Brand, Lymphoma Out Loud, a UK cancer charity who are already doing a fantastic job with their online presence to really look at how they can further their mission of spreading awareness around the signs and symptoms of lymphoma.


If you join the September 2021 Brand Message Bootcamp cohort during the early-enrolment period you’ll also get a personalised video Brand Message Audit! 🥳

The reason for this is to give you some things to start considering and working on before Bootcamp starts in September so you can hit the ground running.


*As long as you’ve got your application in before this date, you’ll still qualify! 😊



It’s time to get clear on what you do and attract those who value it… and are happy and willing to pay for it too! 😉

Join the 8-week intimate group experience designed to support you as you create captivating Messaging that tells the full story of your Brand.

Psstt! When you apply to Bootcamp, there is no pressure to join. The application process is simply an opportunity for us both to explore whether the programme would be the right fit for you 🥰


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