Hi. I’m Becky.

I’m obsessed with stories and understanding how we can communicate better online

I’m here to help you find the words to confidently communicate your full Brand awesome-ness and get excited about sharing it

I use a coaching approach, shaping what you already instinctively know to be true into actionable Brand Strategy and story-led Messaging. The end goal of my work is to truly elevate the quality of the online conversation and accelerate the cultural shift towards ethical, empathy-led business practices.

Why I Do

What I Do

I’ve been in this business game since the summer of 2018 ultimately helping women work out what to say and how to say it to increase their impact, expand their influence and make the money they deserve.

The reason? I’m sick and tired of seeing amazing Brands that have such wonderful and powerful work to bring to the world struggle to cut through the noise of the Internet and reach those that need to hear from them.

The process I follow isn’t about fabricating concepts or coming up with things that sound good on paper – it’s about gaining that deep and authentic understanding of the person or people within the Brand I’m working with and recognising how they’re uniquely placed to contribute.

My work is not about the simple act of getting more clients or customers for the sake of it, it’s about connecting the right Brands with the right people whose lives will truly be transformed for the better by having them in it.

This is big and important stuff and I LOVE it!


The Story So Far


The stars aligned. I was presented with the opportunity to leave my successful 8-year career in the 🎬 film industry to pursue a different way of living… and I grabbed it with both hands!


After dusting off my art & design skills from University I began designing and building Websites for people but mostly felt like I’d traded my career for a different job. I didn’t know exactly what I was searching for, but I knew this wasn’t it.


I loved speaking to my clients about their Brands, so pivoted to only offer Brand Design but while I was making *ok* money, I was still feeling a tonne of resistance to calling myself a Designer.


Then in 2020, the Pandemic hit and I decided to go all-in and only focus on what made my heart sing… Brand Messaging & Storytelling (I won’t lie, this was scary AF πŸ˜…)


2021 AND BEYOND...

Since that decision, I’ve worked with over 60 individuals on their Brand Message and Strategy and honestly, the ripple effect of this work is so much bigger and more important than I could ever have imagined!

3 years in & the real work begins now.

No more playing small here, thank you very much 😘

I’ve got a big vision and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!

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