message makeover

We spend 90-minutes together focused on one specific area of your Messaging to make sure you’re doing your Brand justice



what will happen next…


You pick a time that works for you from the calendar above and let me know which aspect/piece of your marketing messaging you want to focus on


You will then be sent your welcome email a more in-depth questionnaire to help me prepare for your session


We’ll then meet at your chosen time and I’ll ask you all the right questions and offer creative insight to make sure your marketing efforts pay off


Assessing a specific sales/website page


refining overall content + marketing messages

creating offer-specific sales messaging

Planning your content / social media campaign

Developing top-level messaging for a specific launch

Ready to leverage your marketing efforts?

The Message Makeover is a 90-minute intensive dose of creativity to get to the core of what you’re trying to communicate and figuring out how to say it simply.

These sessions are less about the big picture, and more about the specific thing you’re trying to achieve at the moment and the communications you’re putting out there to achieve it.

Whether that’s selling a particular product or service, adding some excitement to your customer journey, running a seasonal campaign or something else, we’ll make sure your message working it’s magic to get you there.

If you’ve got questions about whether this is for you, send me a DM via Instagram and I’ll happily advise 🙂 


VA & Business Support


My session with Becky was like business therapy for me and it completely changed my life.

It sounds dramatic but it’s true!

Before the session I was lost, saying yes to everything and unsure of the direction I should take my business in but now I feel in control, have direction and am confident in what to do to help my business thrive.

Becky is awesome, the session was full of fun and laughter, but also super productive. You get told things straight but in the kindest way, it’s a unique skill and it’s been transformational for me and the nuggets of wisdom she gives are diamonds!