Brand Messaging Coaching

by Becky Lloyd Pack

Make content creation easy and selling a breeze by becoming the Master of your Brand Message

Increase Your Impact

Attract Your soulmate audience

Grow Your Income

The Internet is a loud + busy place, right?

Competition for attention is super high.

You struggle to get people to even take notice of you in the first place – never mind trying to get them to buy from you!

Even if you do get lucky and someone shows interest… what the heck should you actually say anyway?

How would you feel if you could…

Magnetise your people

Become a MAGNETIC FORCE that your ideal client will feel drawn to for reasons they can’t explain.

Communicate with confidence

Master your message so you always know what to say and feel CONFIDENT in what you’re putting out there.


Unleash the power of your STORY and build an emotional connection with your audience like never before.


Working with Becky has been literally, life-changing!

I was really struggling to connect with my brand and audience and I knew my work deserved better. She has helped me clear out a lot of confusion around what I do and get focused on what matters most. I could not recommend her enough. If you are thinking about working with her, stop debating and just do it! It will be so worth it!

Raluca Vaduva, Detail Movement Art

how to enquire


1. book a call

You book in a time for a call with me so we can make sure we’re a good fit.

2. no pressure video chat

We’ll jump on Zoom call so I can find out more about you and answer any questions you have.

3. schedule your session

If you want to go ahead, I will send you an online calendar to book in your first session with me!

What's a Brand Playbook?

Over the 4 weeks, all of the work we do together will become your Brand Playbook. This is your ‘go-to’ document which contains all of your key messaging so you’ll never feel stuck about what to say again.


+ Mission, Vision & Purpose
+ Brand ‘Mantras’
+ Ideal customer profiles
+ Brand Story & Script
+ Your ‘One-Liner’ + Content Pillars

…and more!

Introducing the…

Master Your Message Programme

One-to-one online coaching designed to clarify your message and embrace your unique brand identity so you can start growing your business intentionally and authentically.

1. We will meet online for 4 sessions and I will ask questions and provide insight to help you uncover your unique brand message

2. You complete weekly homework which I provide feedback on to add that ‘magic touch’ to your words

3. At the end of the 4 sessions, you will be full of clarity and equipped with your Brand Playbook to start making waves

Why Me?

Having worked in the film industry for 8 years on movies like Mission Impossible, Fantastic Beasts and The Avengers to name a few, I know the power of a good story.

I’ve been using my storytelling superpowers to help build unique brand identities since 2018 and I want to help YOU!

 Who I work best with:

  • Heroes in the making. Although you’ve had a few clients, you’re ready to step into your power and start making waves in your industry.

  • Action takers. Those that take their business seriously and are willing to take messy action to get results.

  • Knowledge seekers. Those that are willing to learn and approach our work together with an open-mind.

The Lowdown

Listen, I get it. I know that you want to feel in control and confident about growing your business. But in order to do that, you need to work out what it is you should be saying to position yourself as the go-to problem solver for the people you serve.

The problem is, there’s a LOT of information and advice out there, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure about what’s going to work and what isn’t.

I personally believe, that building a unique brand identity doesn’t have to be complicated.

 I understand how frustrating it can feel because I’ve been where you are, which is why I’ve used my 8 years working in film, and over 2 years running my own business to come up with a fool-proof brand messaging process that I’ve used with all my clients that WORKS.

It’s simple really:

  1. Together we uncover your unique brand story
  2. I help you work out exactly how to communicate it for maximum impact
  3. You take messy action, and let the results speak for themselves

So book a call with me to get started, so you can stop playing small and instead start earning the income you deserve.