for women doing business differently…

Unlock the power of your brand message so that when you speak, people listen.

Iā€™m here to help shape your unique brand of magic into words, stories and content that resonates deeply with the people who need you in their life

My name’s Becky, and I’m here to change the fact that 93.2%* of business owners look and sound exactly the same.

You see, the world doesn’t need another mind-numbing, perfectly curated “I help” statement.

(That filtered skullduggery doesn’t work anymore anyway.)

Nope – people need to FEEL something.

Because people only truly listen when they know that they’ve been seen and heard in the first place.

And the best way I know how to do that?

With Clear Messaging + Storytelling.

*Yes, I made this statistic up… but we both know it’s true. Just scroll on Instagram for 30 seconds or look at the average biz owners bio. šŸ˜“

Drop the filter. Tap into originality. Become un-ignorable.


a simple message + a compelling story

The secret is… you need to be brave enough to admit what you *really* think and share it in a way that feels empowering for you and for your audience.

Here’s how I can help you do it:


I’m Becky Lloyd Pack

recovering perfectionist.
corporate drop-out.
obsessed with storytelling.

I make a living by teaching business owners who are revolutionising the online space to simplify their message and infuse it with storytelling so their content actually *does* something for them.

Before this, I had a successful career in the film industry bringing ideas to life in movies like Fantastic Beasts, The Avengers and Mission Impossible.

Sounds cool right? Trouble is, the further up the ladder you get, the further away from the creativity you get. So in 2018, I quit.

And since then I’ve been using my storytelling superpowers to help people like you who have great ideas but struggle with procrastination, perfectionism or creative block get your message out there in a way the people love.

Want the full story? Click here.

Get my 16 hacks for telling better stories in business

Prefer to listen rather than read?

The Story by Design Show podcast is where I spill everything I know about simplifying your Message and the way you share it.

It contains all my best advice, mini-trainings and reflections so you can grow your business without having to dull down who you are or what you stand for šŸ˜Ž
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